Web design that demands attention.

Showcase your B2B with a standout website design that adds color and class to your business | Real Estate industries my speciality | Award-winning meets show-stopping HERE

“My brand, my business, my baby should reflect my designer’s tastes and opinions,” said no one, ever.

You have a dream so real you can almost touch it.

You want:

A website that reflects the best version of you and your business

A designer who communicates and collaborates with you until you’re completely satisfied

A professional experience that culminates in a successful, sales-surging product

Introducing… a designer who will intuit your vision and bring it to life. Flawlessly, seamlessly, impeccably.

With YOU in the driver’s seat.

Allow me. Schlomith Sassoon @ SDesign.

I translate your web needs with a sixth sense that will almost startle you. I’m experienced, efficient, and elegantly casual about my powers of prescience✨.

Together we’ll build a solid name for your business with a precisely crafted, painstakingly deliberate, and perfectly executed online presence.


Detailed design, delivering sure-fire deals
Show-stopping websites, selling potential prospects
Clear navigation, increasing traffic and engagement

Whether you’re going for modern or minimalist, brilliant or bold, dreamy or dangerous, I’ll make sure you’re thrilled.

My process is elegantly easy, too:

  • Discovery (You tell me all about your business and brand)
    Design (I delve into the details and work my magic)
    Done (We give the finished project a moment to bask in glory)


Here’s what previous clients had to say:

“Schlomith did a fantastic job with my company’s website design! She provided multiple options and took the time to walk us through every step of the process.” – Ian Shafran, Sales Executive at FFCC

“I highly recommend Schlomith. She was responsible for an award-winning design that gained our company prestige and many satisfied clients.” – Aaron Garfunkel, Digital Marketer

And I’d love for you to experience the same.

It’s showtime. Let’s bring the house down.

Email me at schlomithdesign@gmail.com to book your consultation call.

Side note: I would like to thank Chaya Daniela Bronshteyn for writing the LI profile for me.

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I believe that communication is the foundation of every successful project and create clean and professional designs with my client in mind!

I am an experienced and versatile graphic and web designer and have been creating online and print materials. I have worked on projects ranging from web designs, branding and corporate ID, professional real estate brochures and fact sheets, logos, adverts, exhibit posters and book covers. I have a strong knowledge of design, typography, and color for print and web.

I am an efficient and hard working person, with attention to details. I enjoy new challenges and strives to achieve excellent results in every way.