It takes 3 seconds
for users to scan your site


I’ll build you a site that demands attention

YOU want a site that is….

CRISP. Modern. Professional. User-Friendly
(aka best UI/UX practices)

CLEAR. Designed with strong visual hierarchy
(the fonts and colors reflect YOUR brand)

COMPELLING. Talks your customers’ language
(so they come back for more)

Mobile friendly? Of course!

YOU need…

The expertise of a web developer + the skills of a creative graphic designer to build YOUR website.

Add color and class to your business

Hi, there

I’m Schlomith.

I design, develop and build professional websites from scratch. I take plain text and turn it into a website that is alive. My thorough, thought out design process results in a website that accurately represents you and your brand.

I utilize:


Modern Design

SEO Practices

to bring YOUR dream website TO LIFE!

Brands I've built

“Working with Schlomith was a breeze. I really enjoyed the open communication, professionalism and most of all the “no ego” attitude..

Mr. Aberman

Lev Malka

I create end-to-end sites for:


You’re a committed go-getter. You have projects booked weeks in advance. But your clients aren’t aware of all the services you offer.

Will a website set you apart?


You’re a confident executive. Your business runs like a well-oiled machine. But your site still look like the 2000’s?

Want to improve customer conversion rates?

I work with DIY-ers
to add that magical touch


You have the technical know-how. You can even build it yourself. But you’re missing that creative element.

Why does your DIY site look like it’s missing something?


You know your colors. You know design. You understand modern design theory. But you don’t know the first thing about development.

What does CSS stand for anyway?

I’ve done it for them
and I'll do it for YOU.

“Working with Schlomith was a breeze. I really enjoyed the open communication, professionalism and most of all the “no ego” attitude..

Mr. Aberman

Lev Malka

I’ll bring you Powerful Design that reflects
YOUR business.

How does it work?

Here’s what clients say:

“Schlomith is very professional with her work and always delivers a perfect design. She was responsible for an award winning design that our company won which has helped us gain many more satisfied clients. I highly recommend Schlomith.”

Aaron Garfunkel

Digital Marketer LocalBizGuru

“Schlomith did a fantastic job with my company's website design! She provided multiple options and took the time to walk us through every step of the process.”

Ian Shafran

Sales Executive at FFCC

Schlomith ‘got me’ and that truly made me feel secure. This enabled her to create a site that truly captures my essence and the nature of my work.

She is very patient, listens and is generous with her time and work.

I am extremely satisfied with my website and highly recommend Schlomith! You will also appreciate the quality of her work and the attention to detail, along with her wonderful personality.

Malky Landau


"We love our new site! Schlomith has that perfect mix of professionalism and creativity! Her attention to detail, great feedback, and always looking to deliver the best product for our brand really shined through."

Allison Fried

 VP of Marketing, Nesivos/Jewish Legacy Tours

YOUR Business +
YOUR Knowledge +
MY skills =
A website you’re proud to direct leads to
Want a professionally designed website
that keeps users engaged?

Let’s convert your customers together